§269-124  Transitioning from utility demand-side management programs to the public benefits fee.  If the public utilities commission establishes a public benefits fee pursuant to section 269-121, the public utilities commission shall:

     (1)  Develop a transition plan that ensures that:

          (A)  Utility demand-side management programs are continued, to the extent practicable, until the transition date; and

          (B)  The public benefits fee administrator will be able to provide demand-side management and energy-efficiency services on the transition date;

     (2)  Encourage programs that allow all retail electricity customers, including state and county agencies, regardless of the retail electricity or gas provider, to have an opportunity to participate in and benefit from a comprehensive set of cost-effective demand-side management and energy-efficiency programs and initiatives designed to overcome barriers to participation;

     (3)  Encourage programs, measures, and delivery mechanisms that reasonably reflect current and projected utility integrated resource planning, market conditions, technological options, and environmental benefits;

     (4)  Facilitate the delivery of these programs as rapidly as possible, taking into consideration the need for these services and cost-effective delivery mechanisms;

     (5)  Consider the unique geographic location of the State and the high costs of energy in developing programs that will promote technologies to advance energy efficiency and use of renewable energy and permit the State to take advantage of activities undertaken in other states, including the opportunity for multi-state programs;

     (6)  Require the public benefits fee administrator contracted by the public utilities commission under section 269-122 to deliver programs in an effective, efficient, timely, and competent manner and to meet standards that are consistent with state policy and public utilities commission policy; and

     (7)  Before January 2, 2008, and every three years thereafter, require verification by an independent auditor of the reported energy and capacity savings and incremental renewable energy production savings associated with the programs delivered by the public benefits fee administrator contracted by the public utilities commission to deliver energy-efficiency and demand-side management programs under section 269-121. [L 2006, c 162, pt of §1; am L 2008, c 118, pt of §2]