269-123 Requirements for the public benefits fee administrator. (a) Any public benefits fee administrator contracted pursuant to section 269-122 shall satisfy the qualification requirements established by the public utilities commission by rule or order. These requirements may include experience and expertise in:

(1) Energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies and methods; and

(2) Identifying, developing, administering, and implementing demand-side management and energy-efficiency programs.

(b) The public benefits fee administrator's duties and responsibilities shall be established by the public utilities commission by rule or order, and may include:

(1) Identifying, developing, administering, promoting, implementing, and evaluating programs, methods, and technologies that support energy-efficiency and demand-side management programs;

(2) Encouraging the continuance or improvement of efficiencies made in the production, delivery, and use of energy-efficiency and demand-side management programs and services;

(3) Using the energy-efficiency expertise and capabilities that have developed or may develop in the State and consulting with state agency experts;

(4) Promoting program initiatives, incentives, and market strategies that address the needs of persons facing the most significant barriers to participation;

(5) Promoting coordinated program delivery, including coordination with electric public utilities regarding the delivery of low-income home energy assistance, other demand-side management or energy-efficiency programs, and any utility programs;

(6) Consideration of innovative approaches to delivering demand-side management and energy-efficiency services, including strategies to encourage third-party financing and customer contributions to the cost of demand-side management and energy-efficiency services; and

(7) Submitting, to the public utilities commission for review and approval, a multi-year budget and planning cycle that promotes program improvement, program stability, and maturation of programs and delivery resources. [L 2006, c 162, pt of 1; am L 2008, c 118, pt of 2]



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