Part I.  Public Utilities, Generally


     269-1 Definitions

     269-2 Public utilities commission; number, appointment

           of commissioners, qualifications; compensation;

           persons having interest in public utilities;


     269-3 Employment of assistants

     269-4 Repealed

     269-5 Annual report and register of orders

     269-6 General powers and duties

   269-6.5 Electronic copies of documents

     269-7 Investigative powers

   269-7.5 Certificates of public convenience and necessity

     269-8 Public utilities to furnish information

   269-8.2 Location of records

   269-8.5 Annual financial reports

     269-9 Report accidents

    269-10 Commission may compel attendance of witnesses, etc.

    269-11 Repealed

    269-12 Notices

    269-13 Right to be represented by counsel

    269-14 Repealed

  269-14.5 Appointment of receiver for public utilities

    269-15 Commission may institute proceedings to enforce


  269-15.5 Appeals

 269-15.51 Contested cases

  269-15.6 Alternative dispute resolution

    269-16 Regulation of utility rates; ratemaking procedures

  269-16.1 Performance incentive and penalty mechanisms

  269-16.2 Approval of rules of a public utility

 269-16.21 Repealed

 269-16.22 Power purchase agreements; cost recovery for electric


  269-16.3 Statewide rate increase surcharge assessment on

           ratepayers in emergency situations

  269-16.4 Annual fuel mix disclosure

  269-16.5 Lifeline telephone rates

  269-16.6 Telecommunications relay services for the deaf,

           persons with hearing disabilities, and persons with

           speech disabilities

  269-16.7 Repealed

  269-16.8 Aggregators of telephone service requirements

 269-16.85 Retail intrastate services; fully competitive

  269-16.9 Telecommunications providers and services

 269-16.91 Universal service subsidies

 269-16.92 Changes in subscriber carrier selections; prior

           authorization required; penalties for unauthorized


 269-16.93 Release of domestic abuse victims from shared

           wireless plans

 269-16.95 Emergency telephone service; capital costs;


    269-17 Issuance of securities

  269-17.5 Issuance of voting stock; restrictions

    269-18 Acquirement of stock of another public utility

    269-19 Merger and consolidation of public utilities

  269-19.5 Relations with an affiliated interest; definition;

           contracts with affiliates filed and subject to

           commission action

    269-20 Certificates of public convenience and necessity

           for water carriers

   269-21, 22 Repealed

    269-23 Liability of initial and delivering common carrier

           for loss; limitation of liability; notice and filing

           of claim

    269-24 Repealed

    269-25 Valuations

    269-26 Investigation of water rates charged by lessee

           under state leases

  269-26.5 Preferential water rates for agricultural activities

  269-26.6 Preferential water carrier service rates for

           agricultural activities

    269-27 Prevention of unreasonable water rates

  269-27.1 Establishment of geothermal energy rates

  269-27.2 Utilization of electricity generated from nonfossil


  269-27.3 Preferential renewable energy rates; agricultural


  269-27.4 Community-based renewable energy tariffs

  269-27.5 Construction of high-voltage electric transmission

           lines; hearing

  269-27.6 Construction of high-voltage electric transmission

           lines; overhead or underground construction

  269-27.7 Preferential electricity rates; protected agriculture

    269-28 Penalty

    269-29 Perjury

    269-30 Finances; public utility fee

    269-31 Application of this chapter

    269-32 Injury to public utility property

    269-33 Public utilities commission special fund

    269-34 Obligations of telecommunications carriers

    269-35 Universal service

    269-36 Telecommunications number portability

    269-37 Compensation agreements

    269-38 Regulatory flexibility for effectively competitive


    269-39 Cross-subsidies

    269-40 Access to advanced services

    269-41 Universal service program; establishment; purpose;


    269-42 Universal service program; contributions

    269-43 Carriers of last resort

    269-44 Solar water heater system standards

    269-45 Gas utility companies; renewable energy; reporting


    269-46 Microgrids

    269-47 Electric power systems data access and transparency;


    269-48 Coal power purchase agreements; prohibited


         Part II.  Consumer Advocate

    269-51 Consumer advocate; executive director of the

           division of consumer advocacy

    269-52 Division of consumer advocacy; personnel

    269-53 Legal counsel

    269-54 General powers; duties

    269-55 Handling of complaints


         Part III.  Other Provisions

    269-71 Meter tampering

    269-72 Electric vehicle charging system; rebate program

    269-73 Electric vehicle charging system; rebate program;

           administrator; establishment


         Part IV.  Gas Pipeline Systems--Repealed

    269-81 to 84 Repealed


         Part V.  Renewable Portfolio Standards

    269-91 Definitions

    269-92 Renewable portfolio standards

    269-93 Achieving portfolio standard

    269-94 Waivers, extensions, and incentives

    269-95 Renewable portfolio standards study

    269-96 Energy-efficiency portfolio standards


         Part VI.  Net Energy Metering

   269-101 Definitions

 269-101.5 Maximum capacity of eligible customer-generator

   269-102 Standard contract or tariff; rate structure

   269-103 Generating capacity

   269-104 Additional customer-generators

   269-105 Calculation

   269-106 Billing periods; twelve-month reconciliation

   269-107 Net electricity consumers

   269-108 Net electricity producers; excess electricity

           credits and credit carry over

   269-109 Net electricity consumption or production


   269-110 Termination by eligible customer-generators

   269-111 Safety and performance standards


         Part VII.  Public Benefits Fee

   269-121 Public benefits fee authorization

   269-122 Public benefits fee administrator; establishment

   269-123 Requirements for the public benefits fee


   269-124 Transitioning from utility demand-side management

           programs to the public benefits fee

   269‑125 On-bill financing for energy efficiency and renewable



         Part VIII.  Interisland Transmission System--Repealed

   269-131 to 135 Repealed


         Part IX.  Electric Reliability

   269-141 Definitions

   269-142 Reliability standards; interconnection

           requirements; adoption and development; force

           and effect

   269-143 Monitoring

   269-144 Compliance and enforcement

   269-145 Grid access; procedures for interconnection;

           dispute resolution

 269-145.5 Advanced grid modernization technology; principles

   269-146 Hawaii electricity reliability surcharge;

           authorization; cost recovery

   269-147 Hawaii electricity reliability administrator;


   269-148 Hawaii electricity reliability administrator;


   269-149 Funding; reporting


         Part X.  Green Infrastructure Bonds

   269-161 Definitions

   269-162 Applications to issue bonds and authorize green

           infrastructure fee

   269-163 Green infrastructure financing order

   269-164 Green infrastructure property

   269-165 Bonds financing order

   269-166 Green infrastructure fee; nonbypassable

   269-167 Electric utility successor requirements; default

           of electric utility

   269-168 Treatment of bonds, fees, and property

   269-169 Green infrastructure property; non-impairment

   269-170 Green infrastructure loan program order; application

   269-171 Green infrastructure loan program order; issuance

   269-172 Electric utilities; cost recovery; billing agent

   269-173 Severability

   269-174 Miscellaneous

   269-175 Revenue bonds; exclusion from debt limit

   269-176 Financing order; adjustments to green

           infrastructure fee




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Cross References


  Natural energy laboratory of Hawaii authority as public utility; when, see §227D-1.5.

  Telecommunications and cable industry information reporting, see chapter 440J.


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