268-1 Ferry system and facilities authorized

  268-1.5 Private ferry or ferry system; authority to provide

    268-2 "Hawaii State Ferries" name authorized

  268-2.5 Intra-island water ferry transportation system;

          authority to implement

  268-2.6 Ferry project special fund

    268-3 Survey

    268-4 Appropriation; personnel

    268-5 Bonds; issue authorized

    268-6 Bonds, certificates of issuance; terms and conditions

    268-7 Operation of ferry system

    268-8 Fixing of charges, rates, and disbursements of


    268-9 Seamen may sue for injuries; venue

   268-10 Authority as a common carrier; rights and liabilities

   268-11 Liability for damages as to persons or property

   268-12 Liability to persons other than shippers or

          passengers; limitation

   268-13 Claim for damages; filing and contents; time


   268-14 Payment of claims

   268-15 Venue of actions; enforcement of judgment

   268-16 Report




  Large capacity ferry vessel requirements.  L Sp 2007 2d, c 2.


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