Part I. Generally


266-1 Department of transportation; harbors; jurisdiction

266-1.5 Honolulu harbor Piers 1 and 2; jurisdiction

266-1.6 Hana harbor; jurisdiction

266-2 Powers and duties of department

266-2.2 Exemption from conservation district permitting and

site plan approval requirements

266-2.3 Kewalo basin use permit; Honolulu harbor use permit;


266-2.5 Outdoor lighting

266-3 Rules

266-4 Limitation of powers

266-4.5 Disposition of public land; reservation of right of


266-5 Repealed

266-6 Expenditures

266-7 Department; duties

266-8 to 12 Repealed

266-13 Dockage

266-14 Demurrage, lien, foreclosure

266-15, 16 Repealed

266-17 Rates, how fixed

266-18 Repealed

266-19 Creation of harbor special fund; disposition of

harbor special fund

266-19.5 Private financing of harbor improvements

266-20 to 21.3 Repealed

266-21.4 Marine inspections

266‑21.5 Biosecurity, inspection, and cargo support


266-22 Maintenance of fire boat

266-23 Acceptance of gifts

266-24 Enforcement

266-24.1 Arrest or citation

266-24.2 Vessels or property taken into legal custody;

unauthorized control

266-25 Violation of rules; penalty

266-26 Responsibility of vessel owner; evidence of

unauthorized mooring

266-27 Mooring of unauthorized vessel in state harbors;

impoundment and disposal proceedings

266-28 Fines arising from environmental protection

and maritime transportation security violations

266-29 State harbors civil violations system;


266-30 General administrative penalties


Part II. Special Facility Projects

266-51 Definitions

266-52 Powers

266-53 Findings and determination for special facility leases

266-54 Special facility lease

266-55 Special facility revenue bonds

266-56 Repealed




Large capacity ferry vessel requirements. L Sp 2007 2d, c 2.


Case Notes


Although this chapter did not explicitly confer authority over the Kewalo basin harbor on the Hawaii community development authority (HCDA), it was undisputed that (1) the legislature conveyed title to the fast and submerged lands within an area that includes the harbor to HCDA; (2) HCDA was given the mandate to redevelop the area that includes the harbor; and (3) HCDA was given broad rulemaking powers over its projects and properties to implement its mandate pursuant to 206E-33 and 206E-4(5); thus, circuit court did not err by failing to find that the department of transportation had exclusive jurisdiction over harbor. 124 H. 313 (App.), 243 P.3d 273 (2010).


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