Part I. Highways, Generally


264-1 Public highways and trails

264-1.5 Emergency powers; traffic emergency zones

264-2 Owned by government

264-2.1 County highways; ownership

264-3 Disposal of abandoned public highway

264-4 Restoration of boundary markers

264-5 In lieu of other compensation

264-6 State highway not to be disturbed without permit

264-7 Permits, fees, etc.

264-8 Specifications, standards, procedures

264-8.5 Repealed

264-9 Backfilling, repaving, repairing, expense of

permit holder

264-10 Deposit of fees, etc.; inspectors

264-11 Performance bond

264-12 Penalty for violations

264-13 Easements, etc., along state highways

264-14 Permit and paving requirements

264-15 Highway advance acquisition; source of funds

264-16 State highway clearing accounts

264-17 Public hearing

264-18 Use of highway fund for bikeways

264-19 Transportation improvement special fund

264-20 Flexibility in highway design; liability of State,

counties, and public utilities

264-20.5 Complete streets


Part II. Federal-Aid Highways

264-21 Definitions

264-22 State highway department

264-23 Duties of director

264-24 Powers of director

264-25 Signs and markings on federal-aid highways

264-26 Combination of federal and state funds

264-27 Repealed

264-28 Federal-aid projects; mandatory on council

264-29 Council's authority

264-30 Transfers of county funds

264-31 Maintenance of federal-aid highways

264-32 Utility facility defined

264-33 Relocation of utility facilities

264-33.5 Underground installation of utility facilities along

federal-aid highways; when required; when waived

264-34 Portions of projects deemed one

264-35 Assistance for displaced families and business

264-36 Conformance with county general or master plans


Part III. State Highway System

264-41 Establishment

264-42 Authority to include other public highways in

the state highway system

264-43 Responsibility

264-44 Maintenance of state highway system

264-45 Highway lighting


Part IV. Controlled-Access Facilities

264-61 Definition of a controlled-access facility

264-62 Authority to establish controlled-access facilities

264-63 Acquisition of property

264-64 Design of controlled-access facility and regulation,

restriction, or prohibition of access; penalty

264-65 New and existing facilities; grade-crossing


264-66 Authority to enter into agreements

264-67 Local service roads


Part V. Outdoor Advertising

264-71 Definitions

264-72 Control of outdoor advertising

264-73 Regulations

264-74 Removal of nonconforming outdoor advertising

264-75 Compensation for removal of outdoor advertising

264-76 Unlawful outdoor advertising

264-77 Penalty

264-78 Interpretation

264-79 Agreements with the United States authorized


Part VI. Junkyard Control

264-81 Short title

264-82 Purposes

264-83 Definitions

264-84 Control of junkyards

264-85 Junkyards lawfully in existence

264-86 Requirement as to screening

264-87 Authority to acquire interest in land for

removal and screening of existing junkyards

264-88 Injunction

264-89 Interpretation

264-90 Agreements with the United States authorized


Part VII. Control of Vending

264-101 Vending from highways prohibited

264-102 Penalty


Part VIII. Impact Fees

264-121 Definitions

264-122 Highway development special fund

264-123 Authority to assess impact fees; needs assessment


264-124 Impact fees; director's consent

264-125 Refund of impact fees to county

264-126 Adoption of rules

264-127 Limitations on actions


Cross References


Use, repair, and maintenance of public roads in ownership dispute, see 46-15.9.


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