261E-1 Application of chapter; interstate or foreign


261E-2 Definitions

261E-3 Exemptions; generally

261E-4 Air carrier commission; establishment

261E-5 Staff

261E-6 General powers and duties

261E-7 Investigative powers

261E-8 Certificates of public convenience and necessity

261E-9 Temporary authority

261E-10 Transfer of certificates of public convenience and

necessity; carrier property; control of carriers

261E-11 Suspension, change, and revocation of certificates

261E-12 Rates, fares, and other charges of air carriers

261E-13 Tariffs

261E-14 Investigation of unfair or deceptive practices

261E-15 Issuance of securities; execution of leases

261E-16 Accounts, records, and reports

261E-17 Unlawful actions; penalties

261E-18 Hearings

261E-19 Review and appeals

261E-20 Existing service




Chapter takes effect upon enactment of federal legislation permitting implementation. Provisions of chapter shall be performed without violating the U.S. Constitution or federal laws. L Sp 2008, c 1, 3, 4.


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