261 Aeronautics

  261C Hawaii Air Carriers--Repealed

  261D Transportation Use Special Fund

  261E Hawaii Air Carriers

   262 Airport Zoning Act

   263 Uniform Aeronautics Act (Modified)

  263A Alcohol and Aviation Safety

   264 Highways

   265 County Highways, Sidewalks, Wharves--Repealed

  265A County Highways and Sidewalks

   266 Harbors

   267 Boating Law--Repealed

  267A Abandoned Vessels--Repealed

  267B Trespass to Vessels--Repealed

  267C Vessel Identification Numbers--Repealed

   268 Ferries

   269 Public Utilities Commission

  269E One Call Center; Advance Warning to Excavators

   270 Employees of Public Utilities--Repealed

   271 Motor Carrier Law

  271G Hawaii Water Carrier Act

   272 Defrauding Carriers of Passengers--Repealed

   273 Railway Law

   274 Radio Control--Repealed

   275 Liabilities and Offenses Connected with Telephones,

       Wire Communications, and Cable Television Systems

   277 Energy Corridors

   279 Transportation Control--Repealed

  279A Statewide Transportation Planning

  279C Environmental Planning

  279D Metropolitan Planning Organizations

  279E Metropolitan Planning Organization--Repealed

  279G Ridesharing

  279J Transportation Network Companies

  279L Peer-to-Peer Car-Sharing





        General Provisions


     261-1 Definitions

     261-2 Development of aeronautics, general

     261-3 Legislation, intervention

     261-4 Airports, general

   261‑4.5 Biosecurity, inspection, and cargo support facilities

     261-5 Disposition of airport revenue fund

   261-5.5 Passenger facility charge special fund

   261-5.6 Rental motor vehicle customer facility charge

           special fund

     261-6 Civil air patrol

     261-7 Operation and use privileges

   261-7.5 Airport facilities; collection of landing fees and

           other charges and fees

   261-7.6 Use of credit cards to pay for airport charges

     261-8 Federal aid

     261-9 Contracts, law governing

    261-10 Exclusive rights prohibited

    261-11 Public purpose of activities

    261-12 Rules, standards

    261-13 Orders, notice, and opportunity for hearings,

           judicial review

  261-13.5 Promotion of safety and efficient use of facilities

           where congestion occurs

  261-13.6 Helicopter master plan; advisory committee

    261-14 Federal-state joint hearings, reciprocal services,

           accident reporting

    261-15 Federal airman and aircraft certificates

  261-15.5 Aircraft registration

  261-15.6 Annual registration fee

  261-15.7 Failure to register

    261-16 Licensing of airports

    261-17 Enforcement of laws

  261-17.5 Arrest or citation

  261-17.6 Parking control at airports

  261-17.7 Lost and found money or property at airports

    261-18 Hazard pay for employees

    261-19 Exchange of violations information

    261-20 Department proceedings and reports

    261-21 Penalties



    261-22 Hilo International Airport

    261-23 Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

    261-24 John Rodgers Terminal

    261-25 Repealed

    261-26 Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport

           at Keahole

    261-27 Kawaihapai Airfield


         Airport Relocation

    261-31 Definitions

    261-32 Assistance for displaced person, families,

           businesses and nonprofit organization

    261-33 Replacement housing

    261-34 Not treated as income

    261-35 Decision of director

    261-36 Rules and regulations


         Special Facility Projects

    261-51 Definitions

    261-52 Powers

    261-53 Findings and determination for special facility


    261-54 Special facility lease

    261-55 Special facility revenue bonds


         Abandoned Aircraft

    261-71 Custody and disposal of abandoned aircraft

    261-72 Disposition of proceeds of sale

    261-73 Custody and disposal of derelict aircraft

    261-74 Aircraft or property taken into legal custody;

           unauthorized control

    261-75 Disposal of aircraft by persons in aircraft repair



         Trespass to Aircraft

    261-91 Trespass to aircraft; penalty

    261-92 Questioning and detaining suspected persons aboard

           an aircraft




  Air noise and safety task force; reports to legislature 2023-2025 (ceases to exist on June 30, 2026).  L 2022, c 311, §3.


Cross References


  Aircraft service and maintenance facility; general excise tax exemption, see §237-24.9.


Case Notes


  Provisions of chapter indicate that for purposes of antitrust actions, department of transportation is, from every aspect, an instrumentality of the State.  553 F. Supp. 976 (1983).

  Does not represent clearly articulated state policy to displace competition with state regulation in the provision of airport taxi services.  562 F. Supp. 712 (1983).