249-17.5 Bikeway fund; established. All fees collected under sections 249-14 and 249-14.5 shall be deposited in a fund to be known as the "bikeway fund" and shall be expended in the county in which the fees are collected for the following purposes:

(1) For acquisition, design, construction, improvement, repair, and maintenance of bikeways, including the installation and repair of storm drains and bridges;

(2) For installation, maintenance, and repair of bikeway lights and power, including replacement of old bikeway lights;

(3) For purposes and functions connected with traffic control and preservation of safety upon bikeways;

(4) For payment of interest on and redemption of bonds issued to finance bikeway construction and improvements; and

(5) For the promotion of bicycling transportation and recreation. [L 1974, c 105, pt of 2; am L 1984, c 273, 2; am L 1988, c 264, 7]



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