§249-15  Seizure and sale.  The directors of finance, any person authoritatively acting on behalf of the director of finance, or any member of a police force of the several counties of the State may seize any bicycle or moped liable for the payment of the required fees or which has no tag or decal affixed as required by section 249-14 for bicycles, or license plate and tag or emblem affixed as required by section 249‑14.1 for mopeds, and may hold the bicycle or moped for a period of ten days, during which time it shall be subject to redemption by its owner on payment of the fee due and a penalty of $25.  All bicycles and mopeds not so redeemed shall be sold by the county chief of police or director of finance or their authorized representative, at public auction after first giving five days public notice of the time and place of sale in the county where the sale is to be held.  Sale shall be made for the best price obtainable, which amount shall be forthwith paid over to the director of finance, accompanied by a statement containing a description of the bicycles or mopeds, their serial number, makes, and any other marks of identification.  The director of finance, after deducting from the amount so received the amount of the fee and penalty due and costs of giving public notice, shall pay any surplus to the previous registered owners of the bicycles or mopeds.  If at the expiration of ninety days the previous registered owners remain unknown, the surplus shall be paid into the treasury of the county, as a government realization, and all claims to the sums shall be forever barred. [L 1905, c 101, pt of §1; am L 1923, c 120, pt of §1; RL 1925, pt of §1308; RL 1935, pt of §2151; RL 1945, pt of §5702; RL 1955, §130-13; HRS §249-15; am L 1974, c 90, §1; am L 1978, c 175, §4; gen ch 1985; am L 1988, c 264, §4; am L 1998, c 2, §73; am L 2016, c 200, §4]