249-9.4 Special series number plates. A qualified household member, as defined in section 291E-1, or a co-owner of a motor vehicle owned by a respondent under part III of chapter 291E, who has been granted a special motor vehicle registration under section 291E-48, shall apply to the appropriate county director of finance for special number plates that shall bear a special series of numbers or letter so as to be readily identifiable by law enforcement officers and readily distinguishable from number plates or special number plates issued under sections 249-9.1, 249-9.2, and 249-9.3. The director of finance may issue the special series number plates only if:

(1) The director of finance receives written approval for the issuance of special series number plates from the administrative director of the courts, or the administrative director's appointee pursuant to section 291E-1;

(2) The qualified household member or a co-owner of the motor vehicle has a license that has not expired or been suspended or revoked; and

(3) The applicant pays a fee for the special series number plates that is equal to the costs of the plates and tag or emblem, plus the administrative costs of furnishing the plates and tag or emblem and effecting the registration for each motor vehicle for which special series number plates are issued. [L 2000, c 189, 4; am L 2001, c 157, 4]



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