249-5.5 Stored vehicles. (a) All vehicles taxable under sections 249-1, 249-2, 249-4 and 249-6 to 249-13, which are stored so that they are not used for transportation, or for the other purposes covered by section 249-2, shall be exempt from the tax for the period of storage; provided that the owner of each vehicle shall first present to the director of finance a signed statement of the fact of the storage, together with other relevant facts as may be required by the director of finance and shall surrender the last issued certificate of registration, license plates, and emblem for the vehicle. If the affidavit, certificate of registration, license plates, and emblem are presented to the director of finance after the expiration of the vehicle's registration period, then the unpaid tax for each month the license plates could have been validated with an emblem plus the fee for the currently issued license plates and emblem shall be paid in full upon presenting the affidavit.

(b) The director of finance may dispose of the license plates for any vehicle whose registration has expired and the owner shall be required to purchase new license plates and a new emblem upon removing the vehicle from storage.

(c) As a condition precedent to the removal of the vehicle from storage, the owner of the vehicle shall present to the director of finance a certificate of inspection that was issued after the recording of the storage with the director of finance if the certificate of inspection expired during the period of storage. [L 1998, c 3, 1; am L 1999, c 235, 1]



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