Vehicle Weight Tax


249-1 Definitions

249-2 Imposition of tax

249-3, 3.5 Repealed

249-4 Exemptions for new vehicles and official vehicles

249-5 Repealed

249-5.5 Stored vehicles

249-6 Exemptions for certain cars furnished to disabled


249-6.5 Exemption for National Guard, military reserves,

and other active duty military personnel claiming

Hawaii as their residence of record

249-7 Number plates

249-7.5 New motor vehicle with a temporary number plate

249-8 Replacements for lost or damaged plates, tags, or


249-9 Number plates; purchase

249-9.1 Special number plates

249-9.2 Special number plates; military service

249-9.3 Special number plates; design and issuance by counties

249-9.4 Special series number plates

249-9.5 Special number plates for Haleakala National Park and

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park authorized

249-10 Delinquent penalties; seizure and sale for tax

249-11 Fraudulent use of plates, tags, or emblems and other

misdemeanors; penalties

249-12 Standard size license plates

249-13 Determination of rate


Bicycles and Mopeds

249-14 Bicycle fee

249-14.1 Number plates for mopeds; registration; fine

249-14.2 Procedure when registration of a bicycle or moped


249-14.3 Exemption from fee and tag

249-14.5 New bicycles and mopeds

249-14.6 Violations; penalty

249-15 Seizure and sale

249-16 Duplicate bicycle tag; duplicate moped license plate

and tag; and duplicate certificates of registration

249-17 False tag, license plate, bicycle or moped, penalty

249-17.5 Bikeway fund; established


Disposition of Taxes

249-18 Highway fund


Other Levies

249-31 State registration fee

249-31.5 Exemptions from registration fees for certain

vehicles; disabled veterans

249-32 Repealed

249-33 State vehicle weight tax, exemptions

249-34 Delinquent penalties; seizure and sale for tax and fee


Revision Note


Throughout this chapter, "director of finance" and "council" have been substituted for "treasurer" and "board of supervisors" to conform to county charters pursuant to 23G-15.


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