§245-2  License.  (a)  It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of a wholesaler or dealer in the State without having received first a license therefor issued by the department of taxation under this chapter; provided that this section shall not be construed to supersede any other law relating to licensing of persons in the same business.

     (b)  The license shall be issued by the department upon application therefor, in such form and manner as shall be required by rule of the department, and the payment of a fee of $2.50, and shall be renewable annually on July 1 for the twelve months ending the succeeding June 30.

     (c)  Any license issued under this chapter shall not be assignable and shall be conspicuously displayed on the licensed premises of the licensee.  Whenever a license is defaced, destroyed, or lost, or the licensed premises are relocated, the department may issue a duplicate license to the licensee upon the payment of a fee of 50 cents.

     (d)  The department may suspend, revoke, or decline to renew any license issued under this chapter whenever the department finds that the applicant or licensee has failed to comply with this chapter or any rule adopted under this chapter, or for any other good cause.  Good cause includes but is not limited to instances where an applicant or licensee has:

     (1)  Submitted a false or fraudulent application or provided a false statement in an application;

     (2)  Possessed or displayed a false or fraudulent license;

     (3)  Failed to comply with, violated, or been convicted of violating any county, state, or federal law directly pertaining to the sale, importation, acquisition, possession, stamping, distribution, transportation, or smuggling of cigarettes, counterfeit cigarettes, counterfeit tax stamps, or other tobacco products; or

     (4)  Failed to maintain complete and accurate records when and if required to be kept.

Upon suspending or revoking any license, the department may request that the licensee immediately surrender the license or any duplicate issued to or printed by the licensee, and the licensee shall surrender the license or duplicate promptly to the department as requested.

     (e)  Whenever the department suspends, revokes, or declines to renew a license, the department shall notify the applicant or licensee immediately and afford the applicant or licensee a hearing, if requested; provided that a hearing has not already been afforded.  The department shall provide no less than thirty days' notice to the applicant or licensee of a hearing afforded under this subsection.  After the hearing, the department shall:

     (1)  Rescind its order of suspension;

     (2)  Continue the suspension;

     (3)  Revoke the license;

     (4)  Rescind its order of revocation;

     (5)  Decline to renew the license; or

     (6)  Renew the license. [L 1939, c 220, §3; RL 1945, §5752; RL 1955, §125-2; am L Sp 1957, c 1, §8(a); am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §16; HRS §245-2; am L 1993, c 220, §8; am L 1995, c 92, §17; am L 2005, c 131, §§3, 9(2); am L 2009, c 30, §2; am L 2021, c 116, §7]