[244D-8] Determination of tax, additional assessments, credit, and refunds. (a) As soon as practicable after each return has been filed, the department of taxation shall cause it to be examined and shall compute and determine the amount of the tax payable thereon.

(b) If it should appear upon such examination or thereafter within five years after the filing of the return, or at any time if no return has been filed, as a result of such examination or as a result of any examination of the records of the taxpayer or of any other inquiry or investigation, that the correct amount of the tax is greater than that shown on the return, or that any tax imposed by the chapter has not been paid, an assessment of such tax may be made in the manner provided in section 235-108(b). The amount of the tax for the period covered by the assessment shall not be reduced below the amount determined by an assessment so made, except upon appeal or in a proceeding brought pursuant to section 40-35.

(c) If the taxpayer has paid or returned with respect to any month more than the amount determined to be the correct amount of tax for such month, the amount of the tax so returned and any assessment of tax made pursuant to the return may be reduced, and any overpayment of tax may be credited upon the tax imposed by this chapter, or at the election of the taxpayer, the taxpayer not being delinquent in the payment of any taxes owing to the State, may be refunded in the manner provided in section 231-23(c); provided that no reduction of tax may be made when forbidden by subsection (b) or more than five years after the filing of the return. [L Sp 1984 1st, c 1, pt of 2; gen ch 1985]


Revision Note


In subsection (c), "231-23(c)" substituted for "231-23(d)" pursuant to 23G-15.



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