[244D-2] Permit. (a) It shall be unlawful for any dealer to sell liquor unless a permit has been issued to the dealer as hereinafter prescribed, and such permit is in full force and effect.

(b) The liquor commission shall certify to the department of taxation from time to time and within forty-eight hours after such license is issued the name of every dealer, together with the dealer's place of business and the period covered by the dealer's license. The department thereupon shall issue its permit to such person for the period covered by the person's license upon the payment of a permit fee of $2.50. The permit shall be issued by the department as of the date when the liquor commission issued the license.

(c) Any permit issued under this chapter shall not be assignable; it shall be conspicuously displayed on the licensed premises of the permittee; it shall expire on June 30 next succeeding the date upon which it is issued, unless sooner suspended, surrendered, or revoked for cause by the department; and it shall be renewed annually before July 1, upon fulfillment of all requirements as in the case of an original permit and the payment of a renewal fee of $2.50. Whenever a permit is defaced, destroyed, or lost, or the licensed premises are relocated, the department may issue a duplicate permit to the permittee upon the payment of a fee of 50 cents.

(d) The department may suspend, or, after hearing, revoke, any permit issued under this chapter whenever it finds that the permittee has failed to comply with this chapter, or any rule or regulation of the department prescribed, adopted, and promulgated under this chapter. Upon suspending or revoking any permit the department shall request the permittee to surrender to it immediately the permit, or any duplicate thereof issued to the permittee, and the permittee shall surrender the same promptly to the department as requested. Whenever the department suspends a permit, it shall notify the permittee immediately and afford the permittee a hearing, if desired, and if a hearing has not already been afforded. After the hearing the department shall either rescind its order of suspension, or good cause appearing therefor, shall continue the suspension or revoke the permit. [L Sp 1984 1st, c 1, pt of 2; gen ch 1985]



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