[239-12] Call centers; exemption; engaging in business; definitions. (a) This chapter shall not apply to amounts received from a person operating a call center by a person engaged in business as a telecommunications common carrier for interstate or foreign telecommunications services, including toll-free telecommunications, telecommunications capabilities for electronic mail, voice and data telecommunications, computerized telephone support, facsimile, wide area telecommunications services, or computer to computer communication.

(b) The department, by rule, may provide that the person providing the telecommunications service may take from the person operating a call center a certificate, in a form that the department shall prescribe, certifying that the amounts received for telecommunications services are for operating a call center. If the certificate is required by rule of the department, the absence of the certificate in itself shall give rise to the presumption that the amounts received from the sale of telecommunications services are not for operating a call center.

(c) As used in this section:

"Call center" means a physical or electronic operation that focuses on providing customer service and support for computer hardware and software companies, manufacturing companies, software service organizations, and telecommunications support services, within an organization in which a managed group of individuals spend most of their time engaging in business by telephone, usually working in a computer-automated environment; provided that the operation shall not include telemarketing or sales.

"Customer service and support" means product support, technical assistance, sales support, phone or computer-based configuration assistance, software upgrade help lines, and traditional help desk services.

(d) This section shall not apply to income received after June 30, 2010. [L 2000, c 195, 3]



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