232-11 Court of record; general duties, powers, seal. The tax appeal court shall hear and determine appeals as provided in section 232-16 or 232-17. It shall be a court of record; have jurisdiction throughout the State with respect to matters within its jurisdiction; and shall have the power and authority in the manner provided in section 232-13, to decide all questions of fact and all questions of law, including constitutional questions, involved in any such matters, without the intervention of a jury. The court may meet at such times during the year and at such places from time to time as shall be deemed advisable to carry out its work. The court, with the approval of the supreme court, shall adopt and use, and with such approval may change from time to time, an official seal. [L 1932 2d, c 40, 43; RL 1935, 1947; am L 1935, c 153, 2; am L 1939, c 208, 11; RL 1945, 5207; RL 1955, 116-8; am L 1967, c 231, 4; HRS 232-11]


Case Notes


Cited: 33 H. 149, 160 (1934); 47 H. 41, 45, 384 P.2d 287 (1963).



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