[231-91] Citations for violations; deposits. (a) The special enforcement section may issue cease and desist citations to any person if the special enforcement section has cause to believe the person has violated, is violating, or is about to violate any provision of title 14 or administrative rule adopted thereunder. A cease and desist citation may include a monetary fine for any unlawful act.

(b) The department may recommend legislation defining the circumstances and the civil monetary fines citable for unlawful actions under title 14.

(c) Any fine assessed under this section shall be a matter of the special enforcement section under section 231-85 and shall be retained and deposited into the tax administration special fund.

(d) Any fine assessed shall be due and payable thirty days after issuance, subject to appeal rights provided under subsection (e); provided that if payment of the fine is determined to be in jeopardy, such fine shall be payable immediately and shall be immediately collected. A finding of jeopardy shall be made in writing, setting forth the specific reasons for the finding. The finding of jeopardy shall be subject to immediate appeal under subsection (e), and at the taxpayer's request the appeal shall be expedited and heard as soon as reasonably practicable. Any amount of fine collected under jeopardy shall only be returned upon a finding by the director of taxation or the circuit court that there was no violation of title 14 pursuant to appeal rights provided under subsection (e).

(e) Cease and desist citations may be appealed to the director of taxation or the director's designee, and the determination of the director may be appealed to the circuit court, pursuant to chapter 91. [L 2009, c 134, pt of 2, 13(3); am L 2013, c 58, 1]



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