231-62 Tax liens; foreclosure; property. (a) Upon enforcement or foreclosure by the State, in any manner whatsoever, of any state tax lien on real property, all state taxes of whatsoever nature and howsoever accruing and due at the time of the foreclosure sale from the taxpayer against whose property the tax lien is so enforced or foreclosed shall be satisfied as far as possible out of the proceeds of the sale remaining after payment of the:

(1) Costs and expenses of the enforcement and foreclosure, including a title search, if any;

(2) Amount of subsisting state tax liens on real property; and

(3) Amount of any recorded liens against the property,

in the order of their priority.

(b) The liens may be enforced by action of the state tax collector in the circuit court of the judicial circuit in which the property is situated. Jurisdiction is conferred upon the circuit courts to hear and determine all proceedings brought or instituted to enforce and foreclose such state tax liens, and the proceedings had before the circuit courts shall be conducted in the same manner and form as ordinary foreclosure proceedings.

(c) If the owners or claimants of the property against which a state tax lien is sought to be foreclosed are at the time without the State or cannot be served within the State, or if the owners are unknown, and the fact shall be made to appear by affidavit to the satisfaction of the court, and it shall in like manner appear prima facie that a cause of action exists against such owners or claimants or against the property described in the complaint or that such owners or claimants are necessary or proper parties to the action, the court may grant an order that the service may be made in the manner provided by sections 634-23 to 634-27. In any such case it shall not be necessary to obtain judgment and have execution issued and returned unsatisfied, before proceeding to foreclose the lien for taxes in the manner provided. [L 1989, c 14, pt of 1(1); am L 2017, c 12, 36]



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