231-32 Records of delinquent taxes, uncollectible delinquent taxes. The department of taxation shall prepare and maintain, open to public inspection, a complete record of the amounts of taxes assessed in each district that have become delinquent with the name of the delinquent taxpayer in each case, but it shall not be necessary to periodically compute on the records the amount of penalties and interest upon delinquent taxes.

The department, from time to time, may prepare lists of all delinquent taxes that in its judgment are uncollectible. Taxes that the department finds to be uncollectible shall be entered in a special record and be deleted from the other books kept by the department. The department shall then be released from any further duty to collect these taxes. No account shall be deleted unless the department finds that there is reasonable cause to delete the account, considering factors such as the financial condition of the taxpayer, inability to locate the taxpayer, costs of collection against the amount of tax owed, health of the taxpayer, and future income prospects of the taxpayer. Any items written off may be transferred back to the delinquent tax roll if the department finds that the alleged facts as previously presented to it were not true or that the items are in fact collectible. [L 1932 2d, c 40, 68; RL 1935, 1962; am L 1937, c 203, 1; am L 1939, c 182, 1; am L 1941, c 254, 1; RL 1945, 5133; am L 1951, c 133, 3; RL 1955, 115-37; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, 16; am L 1967, c 37, 1; HRS 231-32; am L 2013, c 33, 2]



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