231-28 Tax clearance before procuring liquor licenses. No liquor licenses shall be issued or renewed unless the applicant therefor shall present to the issuing agency, a certificate signed by the director of taxation, showing that the applicant does not owe the State any delinquent taxes, penalties, or interest; or that the applicant has entered into and is complying with an installment plan agreement with the department of taxation for the payment of delinquent taxes in installments. [L 1949, c 352, 1; RL 1955, 115-33; am L 1963, c 82, 1; am L 1964, c 6, 2; HRS 231-28; am L 2009, c 184, 1]


Attorney General Opinions


Taxpayer's agreement to pay its delinquent taxes, pursuant to a payment schedule, does not satisfy the requirements for liquor license renewal under this section and 281-45. Att. Gen. Op. 95-1.



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