231-24 Jeopardy assessments, etc. (a) If the department of taxation determines that a taxpayer designs to depart quickly from the State, or to remove the taxpayer's property therefrom, or to conceal the taxpayer's self or the taxpayer's property therein, or to do any other act tending to prejudice or jeopardize, in whole or in part, the assessment or collection of any tax the administration of which is within the scope of the department's duties, the department shall cause notice of the determination to be given to the taxpayer addressed to the taxpayer's last known address or place of business. The determination by the department shall be for all purposes presumptive evidence of the taxpayer's design.

(b) Upon making the determination, the department shall immediately assess, insofar as not theretofore assessed, and shall collect, the tax and all penalties and interest provided for by law. It shall not be a defense to any assessment made under this section, or to any distraint or other proceedings for collection initiated under this section, that the taxable year or other tax period has not terminated, or that the time otherwise allowed by law for filing a return has not expired, or that the notices otherwise required by law for making an assessment have not been given, or that the time otherwise allowed by law for taking or prosecuting an appeal or for paying the tax has not expired.

(c) Nothing in this section shall prejudice the right of any taxpayer to have the moneys collected held apart or in a special fund pending the pursuit of any remedy the taxpayer may have for the recovery thereof, as otherwise provided by law.

(d) Notwithstanding this section, the collection of the whole or any part of the tax may be stayed by filing with the department a bond in such amount, and with such sureties as the department deems necessary, together with such further security as the department may from time to time require, conditioned for the payment of the amount collection of which is stayed at the time at which, but for this section, the amount would be due. [L 1953, c 125, pt of 4; RL 1955, 115-29; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, 16; HRS 231-24; gen ch 1985]



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