[§231-9.4  Credit or debit card remittances.]  In addition to sections 237-31, 237D-6.5, and 251-5, as well as any other form of payment allowed under provisions of title 14 administered by the department, the director, by rules adopted pursuant to chapter 91, may permit the use of credit or debit cards for remittances made to the department.  A service fee shall not be required by the department for the use of debit cards for remittances, but may be required by the department for the use of credit cards for remittances.

     For purposes of this section:

     "Credit card" shall have the same meaning as provided in section 478-1.

     "Debit card" means any card, plate, or other single credit device issued with or without a fee to a cardholder to purchase goods or services or to obtain cash that is debited from the cardholder's checking or other bank account. [L 1997, c 179, §1]



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