[231-3.1] Consideration paid not indicative of fair market value. Where sales are made by a taxpayer, taxable under title 14, to other affiliated companies or persons, or under other circumstances where the relation between the taxpayer and the buyer is such that the consideration paid, if any, is not indicative of the fair market value, the taxpayer shall pay the taxes imposed under title 14, measured by the fair market value, corresponding as nearly as possible to the gross proceeds of sales of like quality and character by other persons, where no common interest exists between the buyer and seller but the circumstances and conditions are otherwise similar. If no such comparable sales exist between nonaffiliated buyers and sellers, the department may prescribe equitable and uniform rules for ascertaining the fair market value of the sale.

As used in this section, "affiliated companies or persons" means two or more organizations, trades, or businesses (whether or not incorporated, organized in the United States, or affiliated) owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the same interests, including companies or persons described in section 237-23.5. [L 2002, c 153, 2]



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