§226-27  Objectives and policies for socio-cultural advancement--government.  (a)  Planning the State's socio-cultural advancement with regard to government shall be directed towards the achievement of the following objectives:

     (1)  Efficient, effective, and responsive government services at all levels in the State.

     (2)  Fiscal integrity, responsibility, and efficiency in the state government and county governments.

     (b)  To achieve the government objectives, it shall be the policy of this State to:

     (1)  Provide for necessary public goods and services not assumed by the private sector.

     (2)  Pursue an openness and responsiveness in government that permits the flow of public information, interaction, and response.

     (3)  Minimize the size of government to that necessary to be effective.

     (4)  Stimulate the responsibility in citizens to productively participate in government for a better Hawaii.

     (5)  Assure that government attitudes, actions, and services are sensitive to community needs and concerns.

     (6)  Provide for a balanced fiscal budget.

     (7)  Improve the fiscal budgeting and management system of the State.

     (8)  Promote the consolidation of state and county governmental functions to increase the effective and efficient delivery of government programs and services and to eliminate duplicative services wherever feasible. [L 1978, c 100, pt of §2; am L 1986, c 276, §26]