§226‑5  Objective and policies for population.  (a)  It shall be the objective in planning for the State's population to guide population growth to be consistent with the achievement of physical, economic, and social objectives contained in this chapter.

     (b)  To achieve the population objective, it shall be the policy of this State to:

     (1)  Manage population growth statewide in a manner that provides increased opportunities for Hawaii's people to pursue their physical, social, and economic aspirations while recognizing the unique needs of each county.

     (2)  Encourage an increase in economic activities and employment opportunities on the neighbor islands consistent with community needs and desires.

     (3)  Promote increased opportunities for Hawaii's people to pursue their socio-economic aspirations throughout the islands.

     (4)  Encourage research activities and public awareness programs to foster an understanding of Hawaii's limited capacity to accommodate population needs and to address concerns resulting from an increase in Hawaii's population.

     (5)  Encourage federal actions and coordination among major governmental agencies to promote a more balanced distribution of immigrants among the states, provided that such actions do not prevent the reunion of immediate family members.

     (6)  Pursue an increase in federal assistance for states with a greater proportion of foreign immigrants relative to their state's population.

     (7)  Plan the development and availability of land and water resources in a coordinated manner so as to provide for the desired levels of growth in each geographic area. [L 1978, c 100, pt of §2; am L 1986, c 276, §4; am L 1988, c 70, §3; am L 1993, c 213, §3]