226-1 Findings and purpose. The legislature finds that there is a need to improve the planning process in this State, to increase the effectiveness of government and private actions, to improve coordination among different agencies and levels of government, to provide for wise use of Hawaii's resources and to guide the future development of the State.

The purpose of this chapter is to set forth the Hawaii state plan that shall serve as a guide for the future long-range development of the State; identify the goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for the State; provide a basis for determining priorities and allocating limited resources, such as public funds, services, human resources, land, energy, water, and other resources; improve coordination of federal, state, and county plans, policies, programs, projects, and regulatory activities; and to establish a system for plan formulation and program coordination to provide for an integration of all major state, and county activities. [L 1978, c 100, pt of 2; am L 1984, c 236, 1; am L 1986, c 276, 1; am L 1988, c 70, 1]


Cross References


Health planning and resources development, see chapter 323D.

Statewide transportation planning, see chapter 279A.



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