211F-1 Definitions. As used in this chapter:

"Board" means the board of directors of the Hawaii strategic development corporation.

"Corporation" means the Hawaii strategic development corporation, except where the context clearly indicates another meaning.

"Direct investment" means an investment by the corporation in qualified securities of an enterprise to provide capital to an enterprise.

"Economic development project" means an endeavor related to industrial, commercial, or advanced technology-based agricultural enterprise. Economic development project shall not include that portion of an endeavor devoted to the construction of housing.

"Enterprise" means a person with a place of business in Hawaii which is, or proposes to be, engaged in business in Hawaii, provided that the endeavor shall not be devoted to the sale of goods at retail, construction of housing, or tourism- related services.

"Minority-owned businesses" means businesses at least fifty per cent owned, controlled, and managed by socially or economically disadvantaged persons.

"Person" means a sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, corporation, or other association of persons organized for commercial or industrial purposes.

"Professional investor" means any bank, bank holding company, savings institution, trust company, insurance company, investment company registered under the federal Investment Company Act of 1940, financial services loan company, pension or profit-sharing trust or other financial institution or institutional buyer, licensee under the federal Small Business Investment Act of 1958, or any person, partnership, or other entity of whose resources a substantial amount is dedicated to investing in securities or debt instruments and whose net worth exceeds $250,000.

"Qualified security" means any note, stock, treasury stock bond, debenture, evidence of indebtedness, certificate of interest or participation in any profit-sharing agreement, preorganization certificate of subscription, transferable share, investment contract, certificate of deposit for a security, certificate of interest or participation in a patent or patent application, or in royalty or other payments under such a patent or application, or, in general, any interest or instrument commonly known as a "security" or any certificate for, receipt for, or option, warrant, or right to subscribe to or purchase any of the foregoing.

"Seed capital" means financing provided for the earliest stage of business development, including but not limited to developing a working prototype, preparing a business plan, performing an initial market analysis, or organizing a management team.

"Venture capital investment" means any of the following investments in a business:

(1) Common or preferred stock and equity securities without a repurchase requirement for at least five years;

(2) A right to purchase stock or equity securities;

(3) Any debenture or loan, whether or not convertible or having stock purchase rights, which are subordinated, together with security interests against the assets of the borrower, by their terms to all borrowings of the borrower from other institutional lenders, and that is for a term of not less than three years, and that has no part amortized during the first three years; and

(4) General or limited partnership interests. [L 1990, c 110, pt of 3; am L 1994, c 264, 4; am L 1997, c 64, 1]



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