Part I. General Provisions


211F-1 Definitions

211F-2 Establishment of Hawaii strategic development

corporation; purpose

211F-3 Board of directors; composition

211F-4 Powers of corporation

211F-5 Hawaii strategic development corporation revolving


211F-5.5 Repealed

211F-5.7 Hydrogen investment capital special fund

211F-6 Contracts for services necessary for management and

operation of corporation

211F-7 Actions of corporation; guidelines

211F-8 Business and industry evaluation and priorities for

job opportunity and economic development

211F-9 Meetings of the board

211F-10 Confidentiality of trade secrets or the like;

disclosure of financial information

211F-11 Requests for assistance from corporation; procedure

211F-12 Private sector financial support

211F-13 Limitations on debt owed to corporation

211F-14 Limitation on liability

211F-15 Annual report

211F-15.5 HI growth initiative; report to legislature

211F-16 Annual audit

211F-17 Cooperation with corporation by state agencies

211F-18 Construction of chapter


Part II. Program for Seed Capital Assistance

211F-21 Establishment

211F-22 Seed capital investments

211F-23 Purposes and terms of investments


Part III. Program for Venture Capital Assistance

211F-31 Establishment

211F-32 Venture capital investments

211F-33 Purposes and terms of investments


Part IV. Program for Capital Access

211F-41 Establishment

211F-42 Financial assistance

211F-43 Purposes and priorities required in the procuring of

insurance, loan guarantees, or letters of credit

211F-44 Conditions for procuring of insurance, loan

guarantees, or letters of credit

211F-45 Program for capital access participation agreements

211F-46 Establishment of special funds to secure loan

insurance obligations; source of funds


Part V. Hawaii Technology Investment Program

211F-51 Definitions

211F-52 Formation of Hawaii technology investment program

211F-53 Limitation of liability


Revision Note


In this chapter, department or director of business and economic development changed to department or director of business, economic development, and tourism pursuant to 23G-15.


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