[209E-3] Administration. The department shall administer this chapter and shall have the following powers and duties:

(1) To establish criteria for determining what areas qualify as enterprise zones. The criteria shall be the minimum required for implementation of the purpose of this chapter;

(2) To monitor the implementation and operation of this chapter;

(3) To conduct a continuing evaluation program of enterprise zones;

(4) To assist counties in obtaining the reduction of rules within enterprise zones;

(5) To submit annual reports evaluating the effectiveness of the program and any recommendations for legislation to the governor;

(6) To administer and enforce the rules adopted by the department; and

(7) To administer this chapter in such a manner that the area to be designated as an enterprise zone will most benefit the area and the State. [L 1986, c 78, pt of 1]


Attorney General Opinions


Department promulgated rules requiring initial survey and annual report from the participating county pursuant to its duty under paragraph (3). If extending survey and reporting requirements to new enterprise zone (EZ) created by the legislature would result in an increase in the level of service under city and county's existing program, then, unless department was willing to share in the cost, city and county was not required to submit initial survey or annual report on new EZ. Att. Gen. Op. 98‑1.



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