207-3 Purpose for and terms of loans. [(a)] Loans of state funds made pursuant to this part may be granted only for construction of residences upon the premises. Loans shall be secured by a mortgage which may be subordinate only to another mortgage given to a lending institution as security for a loan for the purpose provided above. Loans shall be made to relieve the burden of the required down payment or to extend the period over which monthly payments would be required upon a finding that the applicant's income would not otherwise reasonably support such payments.

[(b)] Loans shall not exceed twenty-five per cent of the cost of the improvements, and in no case shall any loan exceed $5,000. The director of finance shall by appropriate regulation establish the interest rate on the state loan and may authorize repayment upon such terms as the director of finance deems appropriate but in no case shall the payments extend beyond forty years. [L 1961, c 194, 4; am L 1963, c 114, 1; Supp, 98L-4; HRS 207-3; gen ch 1985]



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