207-2 Qualifications for loans. To qualify for a loan under this part an applicant must:

(1) Be of legal age and have at least one person who will occupy the premises with the applicant and who is related to the applicant by blood or marriage and solely dependent upon the applicant for support. A husband and wife, who are both employed, shall jointly qualify for a loan;

(2) Be a resident of the State for not less than one year immediately preceding the application for the loan;

(3) Have a gross annual income not in excess of $7,000 including the gross income of the applicant's spouse; and

(4) Have such other qualifications as may be established by the director of finance. [L 1961, c 194, 3; am L 1963, c 114, 1; Supp, 98L-3; HRS 207-2; gen ch 1985]



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