Part I. General Provisions


206M-1 Definitions

206M-2 Establishment of the Hawaii technology development

corporation; purpose

206M-2.5 Meetings of the board

206M-3 Powers, generally

206M-3.4 Contracts for services necessary for management

and operation of corporation

206M-3.5 Annual reports

206M-4 Compliance with state and local law

206M-5 Development rules

206M-6 Use of public lands

206M-7 Conditions precedent to negotiating and entering into

a project agreement

206M-8 Project agreement

206M-9 Issuance of special purpose revenue bonds; bond

anticipation notes; refunding bonds

206M-10 Authorization for loans; loan terms and conditions;

loan procedure

206M-11 Special purpose revenue bonds not a general

or moral obligation of State

206M-12 Special purpose revenue bonds exempt from taxation

206M-12.5 Federal tax-exempt status

206M-13 Special purpose revenue bonds as legal

investments and lawful security

206M-14 Status of special purpose revenue bonds under

the Uniform Commercial Code

206M-15 Technology research and development loans and


206M-15.1 Manufacturing development program; established

206M-15.2 Research and development program established

206M-15.3 Research and development special fund; established

206M-15.5 Technology special fund

206M-15.6 Hawaii technology loan revolving fund

206M-16 Exemption of development corporation from taxation

and competitive bidding

206M-17 Revenue bond fund accounts

206M-18 Assistance by state and county agencies

206M-19 Court proceedings; preferences

206M-20 Construction of this chapter

206M-21 Confidentiality of trade secrets or the like;

disclosure of financial information

206M-22 Limitation on liability

206M-23 Hydrogen implementation coordinator


Part II. Hawaii Software Service Center--Repealed

206M-31 to 35 Repealed


Part III. Special Facility Revenue Bonds

206M-41 Definitions

206M-42 Powers

206M-43 Findings and determinations for special facility


206M-44 Special facility lease

206M-45 Special facility revenue bonds


Part IV. High Technology Innovation


206M-51 to 59 Repealed


Part V. Strategic Development Programs

A. General Provisions

206M-61 Strategic development programs; purpose; powers

206M-62 Strategic development programs revolving fund

206M-63 Hydrogen investment special fund

206M-64 Contracts for services necessary for management and

operation of the strategic development programs

206M-65 Actions of the development corporation; guidelines

206M-66 Business and industry evaluation and priorities for

job opportunity and economic development

206M-67 Confidentiality of trade secrets or the like;

disclosure of financial information

206M-68 Requests for assistance from the development

corporation; procedure

206M-69 Private sector financial support

206M-70 Limitations on debt owed to the development


206M-71 Limitation on liability

206M-72 HI growth initiative; report to legislature

206M-73 Annual audit


B. Program for Seed Capital Assistance

206M-74 Establishment

206M-75 Seed capital investments

206M-76 Purposes and terms of investments


C. Program for Venture Capital Assistance

206M-77 Establishment

206M-78 Venture capital investments

206M-79 Purposes and terms of investments


D. Program for Capital Access

206M-80 Establishment

206M-81 Financial assistance

206M-82 Purposes and priorities required in the procuring of

insurance, loan guarantees, or letters of credit

206M-83 Conditions for procuring of insurance, loan

guarantees, or letters of credit

206M-84 Program for capital access participation agreements

206M-85 Establishment of special funds to secure loan

insurance obligations; source of funds




Chapter heading amended by L 2017, c 69, 2.

L 2017, c 69, 9 provides:

"SECTION 9. This Act shall not affect the validity of any contract, lease, rule, other document, or appropriation that uses the term "high technology development corporation" or "high technology special fund.""

Hydrogen implementation working group (ceases to exist July 1, 2030). L 2015, c 98, 2.


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