[§206E-221]  Stadium development district; purpose; findings.  The legislature finds that the aloha stadium and lands under the jurisdiction of the stadium authority and department of accounting and general services are underutilized.  The stadium facility has been in dire need of significant repair and maintenance for many years.  The stadium authority has considered repairing, upgrading, and replacing the existing facility to optimize the public's enjoyment and ensure public safety.  Redeveloping, renovating, or improving these public lands in a manner that will provide suitable recreational, residential, educational, and commercial areas, where the public can live, congregate, recreate, attend schools, and shop, as part of a thoughtfully integrated experience, is in the best interests of the State and its people.

     This part establishes the stadium development district to make optimal use of public land for the economic, residential, educational, and social benefit of the people of Hawaii.

     The legislature finds that the jurisdiction of the authority shall include development within the stadium development district.  Any development within the district shall require a permit from the authority. [L 2019, c 268, pt of §1]



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