[206E-31] Kakaako community development district; purposes. The legislature finds that:

(1) The Kakaako district is centrally located in Honolulu proper, in close proximity to the central business district, the government center, commercial, industrial and market facilities, major existing and contemplated transportation routes and recreational and service areas;

(2) Due to its present function as a service and light industrial area, the district is relatively underdeveloped and has especially in view of its proximity to the urban core where the pressure for all land uses is strong the potential for increased growth and development that can alleviate community needs such as low-income housing, parks and open space, and commercial and industrial facilities;

(3) The district, if not redeveloped or renewed, has the potential to become a blighted and deteriorated area. Due to its present economic importance to the State in terms of industry and subsequent employment, there is a need to preserve and enhance its value and potential;

(4) Kakaako has a potential, if properly developed and improved, to become a planned new community in consonance with surrounding urban areas.

In coordinating community development in the Kakaako district, the authority shall plan a mixed-use district whereby industrial, commercial, residential, and public uses may coexist compatibly within the same area.

The authority shall plan for the above uses, but shall also respect and support the present function of Kakaako as a major economic center, providing significant employment in such areas as light industrial, wholesaling, service, and commercial activity. [L 1976, c 153, pt of 1]



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