Part I.  General Provisions


    206E-1 Findings and purpose

    206E-2 Definitions

    206E-3 Hawaii community development authority; established

    206E-4 Powers; generally

  206E-4.1 Assignment of powers and duties prohibited

  206E-4.2 Reserved and workforce housing units; transfer to

           qualified nonprofit housing trust

  206E-4.5 Urban gardening programs

    206E-5 Designation of community development districts;

           community development plans

  206E-5.5 Community and public notice requirements; posting

           on the authority's website; required

  206E-5.6 Public hearing for decision-making; separate

           hearings required; contested case hearing;

           judicial review

    206E-6 District-wide improvement program

    206E-7 Community development rules

    206E-8 Use of public lands; acquisition of state lands

  206E-8.5 Developments within special management areas and

           shoreline setback

    206E-9 Acquisition of real property from a county

   206E-10 Condemnation of real property

 206E-10.5 Relocation

   206E-11 Construction contracts

   206E-12 Dedication for public facilities as condition to


   206E-13 Public projects

   206E-14 Sale or lease of redevelopment projects

   206E-15 Residential projects; cooperative agreements

   206E-16 Hawaii community development special fund

 206E-16.5 Expenditures of special funds under the authority

           exempt from appropriation and allotment

   206E-17 Exemption from taxation

   206E-18 Assistance by state and county agencies

   206E-19 Annual report

   206E-20 Court proceedings; preferences; venue

   206E-21 Issuance of bonds

   206E-22 Violations and penalty


        Part II.  Kakaako Community Development District

   206E-31 Kakaako community development district; purposes

 206E-31.5 Prohibitions

 206E-31.6 Lease of projects

   206E-32 District; established, boundaries

   206E-33 Kakaako community development district; development

           guidance policies

   206E-34 Cultural public market

   206E-35 Repealed

   206E-36 Repealed


        Part III.  Reserved Housing Loan Programs

  206E-101 Definitions

  206E-102 Rules; eligible loans

  206E-103 Revenue bonds; authorization

  206E-104 Revenue bonds; payment and security

  206E-105 Revenue bonds; interest rate, price, and sale

  206E-106 Revenue bonds; investment of proceeds, and


  206E-107 Trustee; designation, duties

  206E-108 Trust indenture

  206E-109 Repealed

  206E-110 Reserved housing loan programs; procedures and


  206E-111 Reserved housing loan programs; general powers

  206E-112 Reserved housing loan programs; self supporting

  206E-113 Reserved housing loan programs; fees

  206E-114 Reserved housing loan programs; evidence of

           eligible loan or eligible project loan

  206E-115 Loans to lenders program

  206E-116 Loan to lenders program; collateral security

  206E-117 Purchase of existing loans program

  206E-118 Advance commitments program

  206E-119 Eligible loan and eligible project loan funding


  206E-120 Loans; service and custody

  206E-121 Loans; sale, pledge, or assignment

  206E-122 Loans; insurance and guarantees

  206E-123 Loans; default


        Part IV.  Revenue Bonds for Public Facility Projects--


  206E-151 to 159 Repealed


        Part V.  Hamakua Community Development District--


  206E-171 to 173 Repealed


        Part VI.  Special Facility Projects

  206E-181 Definitions

  206E-182 Powers

  206E-183 Findings and determination for special facility


  206E-184 Special facility lease

  206E-185 Special facility revenue bonds

  206E-186 Special facility revenue bonds; special funds


        Part VII.  Kalaeloa Community Development District

  206E-191 Barbers Point Naval Air Station redevelopment;

           power to redevelop established

  206E-192 Designation of the Kalaeloa community development


  206E-193 District established; boundaries

  206E-194 Kalaeloa community development district;

           development guidance policies

  206E-195 Kalaeloa community development special fund

  206E-196 Assessment for operating costs

  206E-197 Complaints

  206E-198 Remedies

  206E-199 Reports


        Part VIII.  Heeia Community Development District

  206E-201 Definitions

  206E-202 District established; boundaries

  206E-203 Heeia community development district; policies

           to guide development

  206E-204 Heeia community development special fund

  206E-205 Rules; adoption


        Part IX.  Stadium Development District

  206E-221 Stadium development district; purpose; findings

  206E-222 Definitions

  206E-223 District; established; boundaries

  206E-224 Development guidance policies

  206E-225 Stadium development district governance; memorandum

           of agreement

  206E-226 Annual comprehensive report


        Part X.  Transit-Oriented Development Infrastructure

                  Improvement District

  206E-241 Findings and purpose

  206E-242 Definitions

  206E-243 District established; boundaries

  206E-244 Transit-oriented development infrastructure

           improvement district board; established; members;

           terms; vacancies

  206E-245 Transit-oriented development infrastructure

           improvement district board; powers; generally

  206E-246 Transit-oriented development infrastructure

           improvement district program; assessment; rules

  206E-247 Transit-oriented development infrastructure

           improvement district special fund

  206E-248 Memorandum of agreement

  206E-249 Annual comprehensive report


        Part XI.  Pulehunui Community Development District

  206E-261 Purposes; findings

  206E-262 Definitions

  206E-263 District established; boundaries

  206E-264 Development policies

  206E-265 Financial aid from the federal government;

           contracts with the federal government

  206E-266 Pulehunui community development district special


  206E-267 Annual comprehensive report


        Part XII.  Ninety-Nine Year Leasehold Program

  206E-281 Definitions

  206E-282 Ninety-nine year leasehold program

  206E-283 Rules; guidelines

  206E-284 Sale of the leasehold interest of residential

            condominium units; rules; guidelines

  206E-285 Use of public lands; acquisition of state lands

  206E-286 Acquisition of real property from a county

  206E-287 Condemnation of real property

  206E-288 Construction contracts

  206E-289 Lease of projects

  206E-290 Assistance by state and county agencies

  206E-291 Lands no longer needed

  206E-292 Rules

  206E-293 Leasehold condominiums on state lands

  206E-294 Annual reports




  Judiciary report to 2019 legislature on change in judicial proceedings made by L 2016, c 48.  L 2016, c 48, §11.

  State goal for affordable rental housing units; special action team (terminated December 31, 2019); annual report to 2017-2019 legislature.  L 2016, c 127; L 2017, c 96, §2.