206-1 Definitions

     206-2 Administration of chapter

     206-3 Interested members, officers or employees

     206-4 General powers

     206-5 Declaration of development areas

     206-6 Acquisition of land within a development area

     206-7 Property that shall not be acquired for development


     206-8 Development of lands acquired

     206-9 Disposition of lands

    206-10 Restrictions on sale and use of residential lots by


    206-11 Breach, mortgaging, effect of breach, etc.

    206-12 Requirement to develop

    206-13 Power to lease, pledge, or mortgage

    206-14 Cooperative agreements with other government


    206-15 Hearings, witnesses, etc.

    206-16 Investment of reserves

    206-17 Additional powers

    206-18 Security for funds deposited by board

    206-19 Eminent domain

    206-20 Contracts with federal government

    206-21 Contracts

    206-22 Performance bond, procedure

    206-23 Exemption from taxation and assessments

    206-24 Exemption of property from execution sale

    206-25 Duty to make reports

    206-26 Disclosure by private developer; public records

    206-27 Bonds

    206-28 State and political subdivisions not liable on


    206-29 Form and sale of bonds

    206-30 Provisions of bonds

    206-31 Remedies of an obligee; mandamus, injunction,

           possessory action, receiver, accounting, etc.

    206-32 Subordination of mortgage to agreement with


    206-33 Development project bonds as legal investments

    206-34 Policy as to sale prices and rentals

    206-35 Agreement to secure federal contributions; default

    206-36 Payments to public bodies

    206-37 Conveyance, lease, or agreement in aid of

           development projects, purchase of bonds

    206-38 Governmental advances and donations

    206-39 Action of political subdivision by resolution

    206-40 Purpose of chapter

    206-41 Source of operating funds; disposition of

           unencumbered funds

    206-42 Conformity with federal law

    206-43 Existing obligations, no impairment