§205A-30  Emergency and minor permits.  Each county authority shall provide specific procedures consistent with this part for the issuance of special management area emergency permits or special management area minor permits, pursuant to the procedural requirements within this part, and judicial review from the grant and denial thereof.  The lead agency shall file notice of special management area minor permits in the next available issue of the periodic bulletin of the office of planning and sustainable development. [L 1975, c 176, pt of §1; am L 1979, c 200, §13; am L 2001, c 169, §7; am L 2021, c 152, §16 and c 153, §9]


Case Notes


  Where the appellant failed to file an appeal with the Maui planning commission regarding the county director of planning's issuance of a special management area minor permit, the doctrine of primary jurisdiction warranted dismissal of the case; the circuit court did not abuse its discretion in choosing to refrain from exercising jurisdiction.  132 H. 472 (App.), 323 P.3d 116 (2012).

  Where the defendants contended that the case was moot because it pertained to the issuance of a special management area minor permit for an event that occurred prior to appeal, the appeal retained vitality because the questions presented were of public concern and, in the likely event that they recurred in the future, were of a nature that would likely become moot before they could be determined on appeal.  132 H. 472 (App.), 323 P.3d 116 (2012).