§205-52  Periodic review and amendment of important agricultural lands maps.  The maps delineating important agricultural lands shall be reviewed in conjunction with the county general plan and community, development, or community development plan revision process, or at least once every ten years following the adoption of the maps by the land use commission; provided that the maps shall not be reviewed more than once every five years.  Any review and amendment of the maps of important agricultural lands shall be conducted in accordance with this part.  In these periodic reviews or petitions by the farmers or landowners for declaratory rulings, the "important agricultural lands" designation shall be removed from those important agricultural lands where the commission has issued a declaratory order that a sufficient supply of water is no longer available to allow profitable farming of these lands due to governmental actions, acts of God, or other causes beyond the farmer's or landowner's reasonable control; provided that, if the "important agricultural lands" were designated by a declaratory order in combination with the reclassification of land in the agricultural district to the rural, urban, or conservation district pursuant to section 205-45, the commission shall not remove the designation unless the legislature provides prior authorization by adoption of a concurrent resolution in accordance with section 205-45. [L 2005, c 183, pt of §2; am L 2008, c 233, §21]