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  Acquisition of important agricultural lands, see §§163D-31 to 163D-33.

  Acquisition of resource value lands, see chapter 173A.

  Legacy land conservation commission, see §§173A-2.4 to 173A-2.6.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Avoiding the Next Hokuli‘a:  The Debate over Hawai‘i's Agricultural Subdivisions.  27 UH L. Rev. 441 (2005).


     [§205-41]  Declaration of policy.  It is declared that the people of Hawaii have a substantial interest in the health and sustainability of agriculture as an industry in the State.  There is a compelling state interest in conserving the State's agricultural land resource base and assuring the long-term availability of agricultural lands for agricultural use to achieve the purposes of:

     (1)  Conserving and protecting agricultural lands;

     (2)  Promoting diversified agriculture;

     (3)  Increasing agricultural self-sufficiency; and

     (4)  Assuring the availability of agriculturally suitable lands,

pursuant to article XI, section 3, of the Hawaii State Constitution. [L 2005, c 183, pt of §2]



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