Cross References


  Acquisition of important agricultural lands, see §§163D-31 to 163D-33.

  Acquisition of resource value lands, see chapter 173A.

  Legacy land conservation commission, see §§173A-2.4 to 173A-2.6.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Avoiding the Next Hokuli`a:  The Debate over Hawai`i's Agricultural Subdivisions.  27 UH L. Rev. 441 (2005).


Case Notes


  This part does not require land use commission to stay land reclassification proceedings pending completion of county important agricultural lands designation process.  136 H. 505, 364 P.3d 213 (2015).


     [§205-41]  Declaration of policy.  It is declared that the people of Hawaii have a substantial interest in the health and sustainability of agriculture as an industry in the State.  There is a compelling state interest in conserving the State's agricultural land resource base and assuring the long-term availability of agricultural lands for agricultural use to achieve the purposes of:

     (1)  Conserving and protecting agricultural lands;

     (2)  Promoting diversified agriculture;

     (3)  Increasing agricultural self-sufficiency; and

     (4)  Assuring the availability of agriculturally suitable lands,

pursuant to article XI, section 3, of the Hawaii State Constitution. [L 2005, c 183, pt of §2]