§205-12  Enforcement.  The appropriate officer or agency charged with the administration of county zoning laws shall enforce within each county the use classification districts adopted by the land use commission and the restriction on use and the condition relating to agricultural districts under section 205-4.5 and shall report to the commission all violations. [L 1963, c 205, pt of §2; Supp, §98H-12; HRS §205-12; am L 1976, c 199, §2]


Attorney General Opinions


  Counties' responsibility for enforcement includes taking necessary actions against violators; such enforcement covers all land use district classifications and land use district regulations, except those relating to conservation districts.  Att. Gen. Op. 70‑22.


Law Journals and Reviews


  "Urban Type Residential Communities in the Guise of Agricultural Subdivisions:"  Addressing an Impermissible Use of Hawai`i's Agricultural District.  25 UH L. Rev. 199 (2002).

  Ala Loop and the Private Right of Action Under Hawai`i Constitution Article XI, Section 9:  Charting a Path Toward a Cohesive Enforcement Scheme.  33 UH L. Rev. 367 (2010).


Case Notes


  In the circumstances of the case, article XI, §9 of the Hawaii  constitution created a private right of action to enforce chapter 205, and the legislature confirmed the existence of that right of action by enacting §607-25, which allows for the recovery of attorneys' fees in such actions; chapter 205 is a law relating to environmental quality within the meaning of article XI, §9, §9 is self-executing, and this section imposes "reasonable limitations and regulations" that were applicable to the case which allowed the private right of action to enforce chapter 205.  123 H. 391, 235 P.3d 1103 (2010).

  Discussed:  134 H. 187, 339 P.3d 685 (2014).



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