205-4.6 Private restrictions on agricultural uses and activities; not allowed. (a) Agricultural uses and activities as defined in sections 205-2(d) and 205-4.5(a) on lands classified as agricultural shall not be restricted by any private agreement contained in any:

(1) Deed, agreement of sale, or other conveyance of land recorded in the bureau of conveyances after July 8, 2003, that subject such agricultural lands to any servitude, including but not limited to covenants, easements, or equitable and reciprocal negative servitudes; and

(2) Condominium declaration, map, bylaws, and other documents executed and submitted in accordance with chapter 514B or any predecessor thereto.

Any such private restriction limiting or prohibiting agricultural use or activity shall be voidable, subject to special restrictions enacted by the county ordinance pursuant to section 46-4; except that restrictions taken to protect environmental or cultural resources, agricultural leases, utility easements, and access easements shall not be subject to this section.

(b) For purposes of this section, "agricultural leases" means leases where the leased land is primarily utilized for purposes set forth in section 205-4.5(a). [L Sp 2003, c 5, 2; am L 2004, c 170, 1; am L 2014, c 49, 2; am L 2017, c 181, 7]


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