[205-3.5] Reclassification of land contiguous to an agricultural district; approval conditions. (a) Any decision approving a petition for a boundary amendment pursuant to this chapter where lands in the petition area are contiguous or adjacent to lands in the agricultural district, shall include the following conditions in the decision granting approval:

(1) A prohibition on any action that would interfere with or restrain farming operations; provided the farming operations are conducted in a manner consistent with generally accepted agricultural and management practices on adjacent or contiguous lands in the agricultural district; and

(2) Notification to all prospective developers or purchasers of land or interest in land in the petition area and subsequent notification to lessees or tenants of the land, that farming operations and practices on adjacent or contiguous land in the agricultural district are protected under chapter 165, the Hawaii right to farm act, and that the notice shall be included in any disclosure required for the sale or transfer of real property or any interest in real property.

(b) For purposes of this section, "farming operation" shall have the same meaning as provided in section 165-2. [L 2008, c 124, 1]



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