205-3 Retention of district boundaries. Land use district boundaries existing as of June 2, 1975, shall continue in full force and effect subject to amendment as provided in this chapter or order of a court of competent jurisdiction based upon any litigation filed prior to July 1, 1975, or filed within thirty days after service of a certified copy of any final decision and order made as part of the commission's 1974 periodic boundary review, whichever occurs later. [L 1963, c 205, pt of 2; Supp, 98H-3; am L 1975, c 193, 4; HRS 205-3]


Revision Note


"June 2, 1975" substituted for "the effective date of this Act" pursuant to 23G-15.


Attorney General Opinions


Statute contemplates and authorizes changes in classification as originally proposed and as finally adopted, and to require new notice and hearing whenever there is any change is too burdensome. Att. Gen. Op. 71‑2.



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