Part I.  Generally


    205-1 Establishment of the commission

    205-2 Districting and classification of lands

    205-3 Retention of district boundaries

  205-3.1 Amendments to district boundaries

  205-3.5 Reclassification of land contiguous to an agricultural

          district; approval conditions

    205-4 Amendments to district boundaries involving land areas

          greater than fifteen acres

  205-4.1 Fees

  205-4.5 Permissible uses within the agricultural districts

  205-4.6 Private restrictions on agricultural uses and activities;

          not allowed

    205-5 Zoning

  205-5.1 to 5.3 Repealed

    205-6 Special permit

    205-7 Adoption, amendment or repeal of rules

    205-8 Nonconforming uses

    205-9 to 11 Repealed

   205-12 Enforcement

   205-13 Penalty for violation

   205-14 Repealed

   205-15 Conflict

   205-16 Compliance with the Hawaii state plan

205-16.1, 16.2 Repealed

   205-17 Land use commission decision-making criteria

   205-18 Review of districts

   205-19 Contested cases


        Part II.  Shoreline Setbacks

   205-31 to 37 Repealed


        Part III.  Important Agricultural Lands

   205-41 Declaration of policy

   205-42 Important agricultural lands; definition and


   205-43 Important agricultural lands; policies

   205-44 Standards and criteria for the identification of

          important agricultural lands

 205-44.5 Important agricultural lands; public lands

   205-45 Petition by farmer or landowner

 205-45.5 Important agricultural land; farm dwellings and

          employee housing

   205-46 Incentives for important agricultural lands

 205-46.5 Agricultural processing facilities; permits; priority

   205-47 Identification of important agricultural lands;

          county process

   205-48 Receipt of maps of eligible important agricultural

          lands; land use commission

   205-49 Designation of important agricultural lands;

          adoption of important agricultural lands maps

   205-50 Standards and criteria for the reclassification or

          rezoning of important agricultural lands

   205-51 Important agricultural lands; county ordinances

   205-52 Periodic review and amendment of important

          agricultural lands maps




  Department of transportation's bridge rehabilitation and replacement program; temporary exemption from certain construction requirements of this chapter through June 30, 2022 or until completion.  L 2012, c 218; L 2017, c 48.

  Judiciary report to 2019 legislature on change in judicial proceedings made by L 2016, c 48.  L 2016, c 48, §11.

  Prior law:  L 1961, c 187.


Cross References


  Acquisition of important agricultural lands, see §§163D-31 to 163D-33.

  Private agricultural parks, see chapter 169.


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Case Notes


  Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, assuming it was constitutional, did not facially invalidate Hawaii's land use law.  229 F. Supp. 2d 1056 (2002).

  Provisions of chapter provide authority to issue special use permits for golf courses on prime agricultural lands.  71 H. 332, 790 P.2d 906 (1990).

  Article XI, §9 of the Hawaii constitution is self-executing, and §205-12 imposes "reasonable limitations and regulations" that were applicable to the case which allowed the private right of action to enforce this chapter.  123 H. 391, 235 P.3d 1103 (2010).

  Charter school failed to establish that community association's claim under this chapter was moot, and even if the case was moot, the public interest exception applied as (1) appeals court ruling that there was no private right of action under this chapter injected the requisite degree of public concern; (2) public officials needed guidance as to whether private citizens have a private right of action to enforce this chapter; and (3) given the volume of land in this State and the frequency with which issues relating to this chapter have been litigated, the question of private party enforcement was likely to recur in the future.  123 H. 391, 235 P.3d 1103 (2010).

  In the circumstances of the case, article XI, §9 of the Hawaii constitution created a private right of action to enforce this chapter, and the legislature confirmed the existence of that right of action by enacting §607-25, which allows for the recovery of attorneys' fees in such actions.  123 H. 391, 235 P.3d 1103 (2010).

  This chapter is a law relating to environmental quality within the meaning of article XI, §9 of the Hawaii constitution.  123 H. 391, 235 P.3d 1103 (2010).

  As no private cause of action exists to enforce this chapter, appellants lacked standing to prosecute their claim under this chapter against landowner and circuit court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to consider this claim.  119 H. 164 (App.), 194 P.3d 1126 (2008).