202-4 Duties of chairperson and executive director. The chairperson of the workforce development council or the executive director, at the direction of the council shall:

(1) Serve as consultant to the governor on issues relating to workforce development and its relation to economic development and diversification;

(2) Assist in coordinating the programs of all agencies dealing with issues of concern to the council;

(3) Arrange for statewide studies of the issues referred to in this chapter;

(4) Secure data and information from agencies concerned with the issues referred to in this chapter;

(5) Arrange for the exchange of information, plans, and programs between public and private groups interested in the issues referred to in this chapter;

(6) Prepare articles, reports, and bulletins for the use of the council, concerned agencies, and for general publication;

(7) Keep and maintain records and reports and handle correspondence relative to the work of the council;

(8) Develop recommendations and plans for action consistent with the purpose of this chapter; and

(9) Assist in carrying out the duties described in section 202-2. [L 1965, c 270, 5; Supp, 98W-5; HRS 202-4; am L 1985, c 252, 5; am L 1997, c 346, 5; am L 2016, c 57, 4]



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