201-73 Powers and duties of director. In addition to any other powers and duties provided in this part, the director shall:

(1) Oversee, supervise, and direct the planning, evaluation, and coordination of space-related activities and identify and promote opportunities for expanding and diversifying aerospace-related industries in the State, which may include a Pacific international center for space exploration systems to support space exploration and settlement;

(2) Initiate discussions for private and international involvement in space-related activities in the State;

(3) Assist the University of Hawaii, local companies, research institutions, and other interested organizations in establishing partnerships with corporate, government, and university entities that can promote and enhance the State's aerospace industry;

(4) Leverage aerospace and related technological capabilities in the State's academic, public, and private sectors to enhance the State's ability to procure both federal and private research and development grants and to increase the State's competitiveness in national and global aerospace markets;

(5) Promote innovative education and workforce development programs that will enhance public awareness of the State's aerospace potential and enable residents to pursue employment in Hawaii's aerospace industry;

(6) Monitor national and global trends in the aerospace industry and recommend programs and policies that can support aerospace industry development statewide;

(7) Review the effectiveness of present publications, pamphlets, and other sources of information about Hawaii's space-related activities produced and distributed by the State;

(8) Serve as a clearinghouse for information on Hawaii's space-related activities to include but not be limited to those of the University of Hawaii and federal agencies located in Hawaii;

(9) Target existing businesses that can provide products or services of importance to the space industry to support the expansion of these businesses in Hawaii;

(10) Increase contact and maintain liaison with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other federal agencies and facilities;

(11) Institute procedures by which citizen input on proposed space facilities development shall be invited at the earliest possible time in the development process;

(12) Adopt, amend, and repeal rules pursuant to chapter 91 necessary to carry out this part;

(13) Contract for services as may be necessary for the purposes of this part; and

(14) Do all other things necessary or proper to carry out the purposes of this part. [L 1988, c 355, pt of 2; am L 2007, c 149, 2(4)]



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