201 Department of Business, Economic Development, and


201B Hawaii Tourism Authority

201C Financial Services Assistance Program

201D Business Action Center--Repealed

201E Housing Finance and Development Corporation--Repealed

201F Rental Housing Trust Fund--Repealed

201G Housing and Community Development Corporation

of Hawaii--Repealed

201H Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation

201M Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act

201N Renewable Energy Facility Siting Process--Repealed

202 Hawaii Workforce Development Council

203 Tourism Development--Repealed

204 State Fairs--Repealed

205 Land Use Commission

205A Coastal Zone Management

206 Oahu Land Development

206E Hawaii Community Development Authority

206G Kalaeloa Community Development District--Repealed

206J Aloha Tower Development Corporation

206M Hawaii Technology Development Corporation

206N Wireless Broadband and Communications Networks

206P Hawaii Telecommunications and Information Industries


206X Convention Center Authority--Repealed

207 Mortgage Loans

208 Economic Redevelopment Program for Depressed


209 Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation

209E State Enterprise Zones

210 Capital Loan Program

210D Community-Based Development

211 Guarantee of Commercial Loans--Repealed

211D Capital Access Program

211E Hawaii Innovation Development Program

211F Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation--Repealed

211G State Private Investment Fund--Repealed

212 Foreign-Trade Zones

213 Research and Development Industry Promotion Program

213E Employee Ownership and Participation Programs--Repealed

214 Grants-in-Aid for County Capital Improvement Projects

218 Marine Affairs Coordinator--Repealed

219 Aquaculture Loan Program

220 Aquaculture Farms

221 Commission on the Year 2000--Repealed

222 Hawaii Research Center for Futures Study--Repealed

223 Quality Growth Policy

224 State Population and Planning--Repealed

225 Policy Planning--Repealed

225M State Planning

225P Hawaii Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation


226 Hawaii State Planning Act

227 Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii--Repealed

227D Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority

228 Ocean Resources Management--Repealed

229 Sister-State and Province Relationships






Part I. Research and Economic Development


201-1 Definitions

201-2 General objective, functions, and duties of department

201-2.5 Fees for services rendered and products provided

201-3 Specific research and promotional functions of the


201-4 Contracts

201-5 Promotion director and employees

201-6 Interested members or employees

201-7 Advisory committees

201-8 Recommendations to agencies

201-8.5 Night sky protection strategy

201-9 Cooperation with other agencies; acceptance and

spending of grants; dissemination of findings

201-10 Reports

201-11 Expenditures

201-12 State program for energy planning and conservation

201-12.5 Repealed

201-12.8 Energy security special fund; uses

201-13 Powers and duties of the department of business,

economic development, and tourism in marine affairs

201-13.5, 13.6 Repealed

201-13.7 Federal funds

201-13.8 Data or information collection

201-13.9 Medical cannabis; economic and other data; collection

201-14 Consolidated film permit processing

201-15 Repealed

201-16 Annual report; workforce development

201-17 Office of international affairs; established

201-18 Brownfields cleanup revolving loan fund

201-19 Research and statistics for growth industries

201-20 Building energy efficiency revolving loan fund


Part II. Planning--Repealed

201-21 to 31 Repealed


Part III. Planning Information--Repealed

201-43.5 to 45 Repealed


Part IV. Facilitation of Permit Processing

201-61 Definitions

201-62 Facilitated application process

201-62.5 Repealed

201-63 Information services

201-64 Streamlining activities

201-65 Reporting


Part V. Office of Aerospace Development


A. General Provisions

201-71 Definitions

201-72 Office of aerospace development; establishment

201-72.5 Aerospace advisory committee

201-72.6 Hawaii unmanned aerial systems test site advisory

board; established

201-72.7 Hawaii unmanned aerial systems test site chief

operating officer

201-73 Powers and duties of director

201-74 Repealed

201-75 Space vehicles; prohibitions


B. Pacific International Space Center for

Exploration Systems

201-76 Pacific international space center for exploration


201-77 Pacific international space center for exploration

systems; board of directors; establishment; duties

201-78 General powers

201-79 Powers and duties of the Pacific international space

center for exploration systems executive director

201-80 Pacific international space center for exploration

systems; reporting requirement

201-80.2 Pacific international space center for exploration

systems special fund


Part VI. Out-of-State Offices

201-81 Establishment of out-of-state offices; purposes

201-82 Powers of the department

201-83 Rules

201-84 Annual report

201-85 Exemptions


Part VII. Tourism--Repealed

201-91 to 99 Repealed


Part VIII. Recycling

201-101 Development of markets for recycled materials

201-101.5 Definitions

201-102 Advisory committees

201-103 Studies

201-104 Report

201-105 Legislation and rules

201-106 Repealed


Part IX. Hawaii Film and Creative Industries


201-111 Definitions

201-112 Repealed

201-113 Hawaii film and creative industries development

special fund

201-114 Repealed




Chapter heading amended by L 1987, c 336, 7; L 1990, c 293, 8.

Alternate energy research and development program (ceases to exist on June 30, 2020). L 2018, c 67, 2.

Commission on the thirteenth festival of pacific arts (ceases to exist on June 30, 2021); report to 2018 legislature. L 2017, c 104.

Leasing of Hawaii film studio and continuity of film industry branch. L 1997, c 127, 5, 6.

State goal for affordable rental housing units; special action team (terminated December 31, 2019); annual report to 2017-2019 legislature. L 2016, c 127; L 2017, c 96, 2.

Study to assess the impacts of companies selling products in the United States using place-based marketing without any material ties to the State; report to 2020 legislature. L 2019, c 258, 1.

Survey of motion picture theaters to determine impact of L 2015, c 39; findings to 2018 legislature. L 2017, c 211, 3.


Cross References


Energy emergency preparedness, see 125C-31 and 125C-32.


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