195-7 Powers and duties. The commission shall:

(1) Establish criteria to be used in determining whether an area is suitable for inclusion with the reserves system;

(2) Conduct studies of areas for possible inclusion within the reserves system;

(3) Recommend to the governor and the department areas suitable for inclusion within the reserves system;

(4) Establish policies and criteria regarding the management, protection, and permitted uses of areas which are part of the reserves system;

(5) Advise the governor and the department on any matter relating to the preservation of Hawaii's unique natural resources;

(6) Develop ways and means of extending and strengthening presently established preserves, sanctuaries, and refuges within the State;

(7) Advise the department and other public agencies managing state-owned land or natural resources regarding areas under their respective jurisdictions which are or may be appropriate for designation as natural area reserves; and

(8) In carrying out the above duties, consult the most comprehensive up-to-date compilation of scientific data on the communities of natural flora and fauna of Hawaii. [L 1970, c 139, pt of 1; am L 1987, c 350, 5]


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